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I need to change my avatar again...

Being a fickle doll owner means that the head in my picture has gone to a new home in Singapore. I am hoping that she will have a safe journey.

The character I have been trying to 'shell' (to use a technical term) is Yuste. Yuste is one of the shaman twins (the other one being Yuda) and I need hardly tell you that it is not easy to get a doll who looks like a middle-aged woman.

There have been 'plus-size' dolls, though they are few and far between. Older dolls are a great deal harder to find. Yuda has got an Alan Rickman-as-Snape 'Minimee' head, which to me doesn't look a lot like Snape. It works quite well for Yuda, but finding an equivalent head for Yuste has been almost impossible.

Anyway, my latest attempt to 'shell' Yuste has involved getting a doll from the online shop Mandarake in Japan. The doll in question is a Volks SD13 Madoka. And though I loved Yuste's last incarnation (A Volks Ryo Narasaki) she didn't have quite the right look.

Writing has been rather intermittent due to head problems (mine not the dolls'). I did make a start on something new, but have been interrupted.

(will be updating this later on - we have the phone engineer here! Hooray!)


Mar. 2nd, 2014 05:37 pm (UTC)
You know, I hadn't considered the Soom girls, but you are right - they have the longer faces and could be face-upped. I'm more hesitant with Iplehouse because I keep buying their dolls and then not liking them 'in the resin'. But that may partly be a problem with Iple's own face-ups.
I agree on Dollstown. I am liking their sculpts more and more as I see them with different face-ups.
I love Raurencio and Unidoll! I do have a Raurencio boy on an RSDOLL body. I did try several Souldoll heads as well.
With celebrity Minimee heads - well, as you know, Alan Rickman scored a big plus for me ;-). Part of the problem is not knowing what's out there, but I think genderswap is a brilliant idea.
I did have an Elfdoll K as an early version of Yuda (her twin) and of course some of the male dolls are quite feminine (or androgynous) and could indeed be modded.
I love Zaoll as well but would probably go for Luv rather than Muse as the teeth unnerve me rather.
Part of the problem can be finding a face-up artist. I have commissioned several artists over the years and often the result isn't what I had wanted (though often very good indeed!)
Sorry - rather a long reply. It's a good problem to have!