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My mother-in-law was allowed to go home yesterday.But the hospital appear to be saying that she has 'small vessel' dementia, which is a form of vascular dementia - the same thing that my mother had.

I'm not a doctor, obviously, but I'm a bit sceptical about this. Stephen's sister, Janet, is a Nurse Practitioner and former matron, so I know she will not let the hospital off the hook. They didn't give Iris an MRI scan, and I'm hoping they will make an out-patients appointment for her to have one.

Anyway...we went grocery shopping yesterday, and Stephen had some rather nasty pains in the lower abdomen, on the opposite side to where his appendix was removed. After we'd done the shopping, I rang up the NHS 111 service and they made an appointment for him to see the out-of-hours doctor, which is up at the RUH (the hospital again).

There was barely any traffic on the roads, so we got there in good time. A doctor examined S very thoroughly and good find nothing sinister but I suspect we may have to do a follow-up. It seems it could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, though I do wonder about anxiety as well.

After that, we had dinner at the Hope and Anchor in Midford, which is our local pub. There were lots of people in there, which is good as they have been rather cut off by the road closures. The road is now completely closed in both directions, which means that getting in and out of Midford is a bit...interesting.

One more word: I started a new book yesterday. Not Winterbloom.