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I need to change my avatar again...

Being a fickle doll owner means that the head in my picture has gone to a new home in Singapore. I am hoping that she will have a safe journey.

The character I have been trying to 'shell' (to use a technical term) is Yuste. Yuste is one of the shaman twins (the other one being Yuda) and I need hardly tell you that it is not easy to get a doll who looks like a middle-aged woman.

There have been 'plus-size' dolls, though they are few and far between. Older dolls are a great deal harder to find. Yuda has got an Alan Rickman-as-Snape 'Minimee' head, which to me doesn't look a lot like Snape. It works quite well for Yuda, but finding an equivalent head for Yuste has been almost impossible.

Anyway, my latest attempt to 'shell' Yuste has involved getting a doll from the online shop Mandarake in Japan. The doll in question is a Volks SD13 Madoka. And though I loved Yuste's last incarnation (A Volks Ryo Narasaki) she didn't have quite the right look.

Writing has been rather intermittent due to head problems (mine not the dolls'). I did make a start on something new, but have been interrupted.

(will be updating this later on - we have the phone engineer here! Hooray!)
My mother-in-law was allowed to go home yesterday.continued...Collapse )

Whoops...there go my bloomers

I'm not sure where that saying comes from, but my friend Liz Arnold was fond of using it. My father's version was something like: '...and now I'm getting dandruff!'

Real life is rather wonky, but oddly enough my head (or psyche) seems to be rather better. Thank you for the comments - they do help!

The weather has been beautiful and it feels very spring-like. Lots of serious-looking chaps in yellow fluorescent jackets have been pacing about on top of the enormous pile of aggregate (or hard-core?) looking up at the top of the cliff. The whole experience is rather surreal as the mound of - whatever-it-is - is just outside our front door and covers most of the road. It has been built up in order to allow the diggers to get access to the cliff (I think) and has transformed the outlook.

Our road is completely closed, and amazingly quiet, especially at night. The anxiety on that front has diminished (on the whole). As we came home and got out of the car, we could hear lots of birds singing away furiously.

I suppose I'm very lucky, because if you are bipolar, the downs can last a very long time. Mine are more like mood swings, a bit like a sine wave. But while you're inside them, whether up or down, it feels as if they will last for ever.


The work on the landslide has been suspended again.etcCollapse )

Links and stuff

We (that is Stephen and I) have got the eBook edition of Children of the Shaman up and running on Amazon. This is good! I'm still flailing around between forums (fora?) in no particular order.

Anyway, here is a link to the bk (ebk): on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IBPNKWG

On Amazon.co.uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00IBPNKWG

I still don't know how anyone else gets anything done. 

News from Nowhere

Back again with apologies. Apart from the usual head-bangin' stuff, I have been slightly distracted after the hill on the other side of the road collapsed slightly and shunted various large stones into the road. Fortunately no-one was hurt, but the Council closed the road and then for several days...Nothing Happened.

This was rather unnerving and without banging on about it too much, my husband had an anxiety attack and we ended up in A&E (having arrived by car not ambulance, I hasten to add). After a couple of hours' wait, they gave him (drum roll) a valium!

We saw our GP next day and she gave us both several valium. Luckily this Friday some wonderful workmen appeared with heavy-duty earth-moving equipment, and started moving earth.

Unfortunately the incident has had a negative impact on mental health in these parts, which is so tedious.

However...on a more cheery note, Children of the Shaman is about to reappear as an eBook. This is quite jolly as it has been out of print for yonks. I will probably add links and stuff tomorrow in case anyone wants to buy it (coff coff) but in the mean time I had better start scanning The Glass Mountain and - off we go again.

Here's the cover art for the new edition by Skylar Faith of Truenotdreams Design, who is my hero.

Midford to Bath January 2014

Wellow BrookView from our back yardDad's lizard sculptureLooking towards the meadowsThe trees are aldersside of the Mill
Alders and clothes lineCherry tree in the mill gardensoutside the front doorThe Pipehouse and 'cliff'The road towards BathMill Cottages!
Our house and the MillIn car photos - the WellswayView of BathMore WellswayNear the Devonshire ArmsApproaching Bear Flat
Bear Flat and Monkey Puzzle!Trees and roofs on the Wells RoadView west towards Oldfield Parksunsetview towards westerd BathBottom of the Wells Road

These are photos I took during the recent floods starting in our back yard and then on the drive into Bath.
It got too dark to carry on taking pictures in the end but it does show how high the brook was out the back, and how high the river Avon rose!

New Year's resolutions (ha!)

Spend some time on Facebook - but not too much time.
Spend some time on here.
Try not to waste so much time either on eBay or Den of Angels, or other forms of online shopping. Hm.
More exercise, particularly walks with Gillian.
Reading. In order to reverse problems with concentration and grasshopper mind, read sum books.
Writing. Actually do some writing.
Housework. Ditto writing.
Laundry. Yep, ditto writing.
Paranoia. Try to hang on to the reality thang and be mindful.
Depression/sadness. Remember it doesn't last for ever.
Meet people in real life occasionally.
Eating. How to eat less without feeling one is denying oneself stuff.
Stop eating Christmas Pudding.
Strike a balance between being Polite and being Honest (gngngngngngn).
Stop beating self up on account of multiple fails.
Money. Try to spend less. Sell stuffs on eBay.

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I have realised that, because I am a twit, my twitter feed cross-posts to my Livejournal. I need to disable this toot sweet!

(Cue throwing spanners around and swearing).